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Middleton Reutlinger attorneys help obtain licenses before state and local agencies for a variety of participants in the alcohol beverage industry ranging from retailers to wholesalers to manufacturers to transporters. Our firm also defends retailers with respect to potential violations of statutory provisions of alcoholic beverage regulation. Our attorneys challenge state and federal agencies with respect to the manner they regulate the alcoholic beverage industry on behalf of our clients and challenge the laws and regulations themselves when unenforceable or unconstitutional.

The firm’s attorneys have produced a number of legal precedent-setting decisions in this area including the limited right to sell alcoholic beverages by the package on Sundays in Kentucky, Liquor Outlet, LLC v. Alcoholic Beverage Control Board. Other recent cases include:

  • Lead counsel in representation of a local Louisville bar and restaurant business in successful argument before the Kentucky Supreme Court. Notwithstanding the Court of Appeals holding the statute unconstitutional, the Supreme Court decided the case on the grounds that our client properly measured the distance in a legal and safe format according to a law limiting bar licenses by requiring bars be at least 700 feet apart. The constitutional issue is currently being relitigated, uncomplicated by any measurement standard.
  • Lead counsel in representation of a state alcohol wholesale association before the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals and the Western District of Kentucky in defense of Kentucky’s wine laws.
  • Lead counsel in representation of retailers in defense of statute prohibiting the sale of distilled spirits and wine in grocery stores and convenience stores. 

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