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No one’s initial plans include a bankruptcy. But sometimes the best laid plans don’t work out, leaving no other options. When a bankruptcy does occur it is critical to resolve it as expeditiously as possible, for creditors and debtors alike. At Middleton Reutlinger, our bankruptcy and creditor’s rights group has the experience, knowledge, and proven record of success our clients need, for both individuals and entities, consumer or business-related.

Middleton Reutlinger’s attorneys can counsel you or your company through either reorganization or liquidation. We also can also help you navigate questions related to secured creditors’ rights, trade creditors, and respective priorities under the Code. While our attorneys are always ready to litigate, they are also savvy negotiators, with a penchant for resolving problems outside of court and outside the box whenever possible.

Middleton Reutlinger’s practice encompasses the entire spectrum of issues related to insolvency and bankruptcy, including:

  • Bankruptcy sales
  • Business reorganizations
  • Foreclosures
  • Trade creditors’ rights
  • Secured and unsecured creditors’ priorities
  • Creditor committees
  • Trustees duties and powers under the Code
  • Purchases of insolvent companies
  • Discharge issues under all Chapters of the Code

Creditor Representation

Middleton Reutlinger has a long history representing both secured and unsecured creditors of troubled entities, ensuring they are protected. We help creditors recover pledged collateral, prosecute claims, and realize upon liens and security interests. Some of the services we provide include: restructuring loans, financing Chapter 11 entities, negotiating use of a creditor’s assets by a debtor, defending preference claims, and refuting plans of reorganization.

Debtor Representation

We zealously represent a range of debtor businesses across multiple areas including: entrepreneurs, retailers, financiers, manufacturers, commercial real estate professionals, wholesalers, distributors, as well as individuals who may have had their business fail for a number of reasons. We work with debtors setting guaranteed obligations, filing Chapter 11 plans marshaling assets, liquidating claims, pursuing preferential transfers and conducting asset sales. 

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