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You’re not the only one who wants your business to succeed. There are a host of governmental agencies at work to ensure your business receives the economic incentives it needs to grow. But sorting through these agencies and programs, whether at the municipal, state or federal level, can be daunting. Middleton Reutlinger attorneys have the expertise needed to efficiently help your business receive the economic incentives it requires to get to the next level.  

Middleton Reutlinger attorneys know how to guide companies through all the legal, financial, and regulatory issues related to economic incentives. We can help businesses that are: getting started, relocating, expanding, or moving headquarters, both to and from Kentucky. We also help businesses secure and maximize incentives including: tax credits, low interest loans, bonds, training costs, and other programs.

In addition, Middleton Reutlinger’s attorneys know how to structure, negotiate and implement even the most complex economic incentive. We can also assist with practical matters including: site selection, land acquisition, and construction contracts. We will work with your business through every part of a project until completion. And if your business is at risk of shutting down we can help secure state assistance and incentives.

Middleton Reutlinger attorneys understand the incentive-related issues to consider prior to capital expenditures. Or we can advise startups on the best way to secure public or private incentives. In addition, we can guide businesses through the issues related to tax-increment financing.

Economic incentives exist to ensure worthy businesses not only survive, but thrive, creating jobs and spurring economic growth. Middleton Reutlinger knows how to help your business make the best possible use of these important resources. 

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