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Middleton Reutlinger’s employment law practice is geared toward resolution of the numerous issues commonly confronting the employer-employee relationship. Our firm has represented employers in EEOC, discrimination, labor arbitration and other disputes in a variety of forums and on selected occasions represented employees.

Services include representation before all federal, state and local regulatory agencies and in federal and state courts on all types of employee claims including contract claims, equal pay, discrimination, sexual harassment, wage and hour, constitutional and common law rights, unemployment compensation, wrongful discharge and privacy.

In addition to coverage of issues under applicable state statutes, Middleton Reutlinger’s experience addresses those under Title VII, Age Discrimination in Employment Act, Americans with Disabilities Act, Family and Medical Leave Act, Fair Labor Standards Act and all other state and federal statutes.

On the preventive maintenance side of employment law, Middleton Reutlinger offers extensive advice, negotiation skills and drafting in the areas of employment contracts, employee handbooks, noncompetition and nonsolicitation agreements, severance agreements, discipline, termination decisions and personnel policies and procedures. 

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