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Middleton Reutlinger handles a variety of matters that often involve local, state and federal regulations. As a consequence, our attorneys frequently appear before many local, state and federal agencies and other governmental entities. The firm’s attorneys are well-known in the political process and are frequently influential at the federal, state and local level. Our attorneys have extensive experience handling administrative hearings as well as subsequent appellate proceedings that often follow. Our counsel have also worked closely with local and state governmental entities to modify existing laws to make necessary changes.

Some of the administrative agencies which with our counsel have extensive experience include, but certainly are not limited to, the United States Patent & Trademark Office, the Federal Food and Drug Administration, the United States Department of Health & Human Services, including the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, the Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services, the Kentucky Alcoholic Beverage Control, the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, the Kentucky Energy and Environment Cabinet, other Planning Commissions, Boards of Zoning Adjustment, local and state utilities as well as various municipalities. Attorneys also represent and appear before numerous city and neighborhood councils as necessary to facilitate achieving our clients’ objectives. Attorneys in our firm also represent various agencies themselves, including the Kentucky Housing Corporation and school districts throughout Kentucky.

The firm’s practice before such agencies is not always adversarial. Often it involves advising a client as to what actions to take - or not to take - in light of an intricate pattern of laws and regulations. Our advice is also shaped by our knowledge of the attitudes of personnel who administer the laws from day to day.  On the other hand, there are times when the only way to accomplish a client’s objective is to take an adversarial position. In such a case it is necessary for the attorney to know all the pressure points and pitfalls involved in the political process, including administrative hearings, court proceedings and appeals.

In the field of economic regulation, a single issue “established” or “defeated” can mean millions of dollars to our clients. Similarly, Middleton Reutlinger’s credibility and reputation with agencies, commissions and courts are of value to our clients when we achieve results by negotiation instead of litigation.

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